The Enchanted Manor

The Enchanted Manor 

 The Enchanted Manor Museum is where the magic of stories spring into life. Our interactive quest invites you to while away an hour or so exploring a magical world of fairies, wizards, time travel, pirates and a host of much-loved literary characters based on the best selling series “The Chronicles of Wizard’s Thatch”.

The Wizards have even been known to magically transform The Enchanted Manor into an atmospheric and intimate performance venue which plays host to travelling players, spellbinding Magicians, cabaret artistes, troubadores, storytellers and clairvoyants.


The Enchanted Manor Virtual Tour

The Enchanted Manor is the only museum to immerse you into a world of storytelling by letting stories guide you around the attraction.

You’ll encounter a world filled with fairy tales, magic, pirates, witches and wizards, time travel and outlandish characters. You’ll visit magic school, Will Shakespeare’s study and an enchanted forest to mention but a few of the manor’s mysterious locations. Here, you’ll be challenged to find the answers to your latest quest sheet, which are contained in the stories you’ll read, the exhibits you see or the interactive images and videos you will find hidden within.

After your adventure, one of our eccentric wizards will mark your quest and see just how well you did! Simply email your quest back to us on and if you get all the answers correct you will get a certificate bestowing upon you a Diploma in Wizardry and a 10% off voucher for use inside the magical emporium

Once you click on the buy now button you will be sent to Paypal and after payment is made you will be sent an encrypted link to access our attraction for four hours.

Tickets cost £5

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