“It is one thing to read about dragons, fairies and time travellers, but quite another to actually meet them…”

Will Shakespeare (in The Other Doctor by Dave Matthews)


From the moment you step through the doors and realise that it really is bigger on the inside you are sure to find something to ignite your imagination. 

Magic Alley is packed to the rafters with books, toys, dragons, crystal balls, spells, magic tricks, historic art prints and magical objects and curios you never knew you needed – perfect to find that unique gift for someone special or to treat yourself.

If you would like to be taken on a guided tour simply click the play button when you enter the shop below, otherwise feel free to explore using your mouse or cursor keys on the keyboard


Ever wondered what goes on inside The Enchanted Manor? At the moment if you can’t visit us in person you can visit us virtually! Complete the quest and answer the video riddles and clues and then send us your answers and if you do well you will get an Introductory Diploma in Wizardry Certificate and a voucher to use in the emporium next time you visit!

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